The Cottage Shed

The Cottage Shed offers the features and versatility of the garden shed with a unique salt box or offset style roof.
It has a wider eave on the front than the back side and makes a nice small backyard shed. Our 8′ wide buildings come with one 4′ door, and the wider buildings come with double 3′ doors for a 6′ entry.


  • Side entry door and one Energy Star® aluminum window
  • 6′ tall side walls with 7′6″ at inside roof peak. The wider the building, the taller the roof peak
  • 8′ wide building has a 48″ single door with locking latch
  • 10′ – 16′ wide buildings have two 36″ doors for a 72″ entry
  • Pressure treated floor joists on 16″ centers
  • 3/4″ TG 50 year Edge Gold Flooring
  • Door/window configuration can be changed at no added cost
  • Cottage Shed sizes range from 8′x8′ up to 12′x32′