The Lofted Barn

The Lofted Barn has the barn style roof with tall walls and a loft overhead for great storage for small items and boxes.
An accessible opening is usually in the center but can be custom built to your liking. The 8′ wide buildings have one 4′ door, and the wider buildings have double 3′ doors to make a 6′ entry. Talk to us for additional options.


  • 6′3" tall side walls
  • 12' and 14' wide Lofted Barns have a 2x6 joist raised loft
  • 8′ wide building has a 48″ single door with locking latch
  • 10′ – 16′ wide buildings have two 36″ doors for a 72″ entry
  • 3/4″ TG 50 year Edge Gold Flooring
  • Pressure treated floor joists on 16″ centers
  • Lofted Barn sizes range from 8′x8′ up to 14′x32′